Make ChatGPT work better by shooting it!

Generative AI (like ChatGPT)  is a powerful tool, but if you are just using ChatGPT, you aren’t using it to its full potential. In this series of articles, we explore ways you can use these systems to give you better and more consistent output. The companies offering these AIs have curated a voice for us […]

Maddie – The IB cAInine

Maddie is an open effort by For.Education, built to further our own understanding of this nascent technology, engage with others who want to explore this potential, and hopefully provide real value to schools. By their very nature, schools deal with confidential and sensitive information. As an EdTech data company, For.Education puts the security of school […]

Reports by

With all the buzz around ChatGPT, naturally, there has been much conversation (and consternation) around the impact it will have on education. Being tech-curious, and a writer/English teacher turned coder and developer, language models are an inherently interesting concept to me. However, one question I had was as to their reliability. It’s great at composing […]

To automate or not to automate?

GPTs are taking the world by storm, and while ChatGPT has been amazing to play with, I wanted to go further and see what it could look like embedded in an actual workflow and context. Recently, I soft-launched a beta report card writing solution for ManageBac. It will read your report card grades, pseudonymize the […]

ManageBac DP Analytics

Now there’s an easy way to view, analyze and act on your DP term grade data. In just a few seconds our DP analytics can show you where every student is in their studies, what they’re doing, where they’re excelling and where they’re struggling.  The For.Education DP Term Grade Analytics Tool is a quick and […]

COVID-19 at OCAC Suzhou

The school: OCAC is a new school in Suzhou, China. Although only in its third year, it already had over 1500 students and a program stretching from K-11. COVID-19 meant that school would remain closed for two additional months, in that time, classes needed to go on. However, given the diversity of the school, it […]

Getting Started with the ManageBac API and Students

ManageBac is a powerful CMS (Curriculum Management System) that offers a lot of structure to the delivery of the IB program. Thankfully, it also includes a fairly comprehensive API system, which, while not as capable as you may like, it is still powerful enough to drive certain tasks forward. Building a Local Database In order […]

Web Data Integration with ManageBac

This post was written for the talk “APIs and Beyond” at the Faria Education Technology Conference 2021.               APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are central to how the internet works. Every time we search, submit a form or enter student grades, we are using an API. It is a way for a user to send information to servers […]